Why I Believe God Exists
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Why I Believe God Exists


I know you are not sure if God exists and why there is so much evil and pain in the world. I’m not here to preach and go into the evolution debate, I’m here to tell you I haven’t been honest about my faith. You see me go to church every Sunday and praise a God. Lifting up my hands singing words of love and forgiveness. You hear how I’m always happy and joyful when you call. The profanity words are used as a precaution around me. I know I’m different, but not much different from you.

I’m not bold or brave, or I would have been honest with you a long time ago. I sin everyday, and anger sets in my heart when things don’t go my way. Judging others, being greedy and selfish with my money only skims the beginning. I blame God for my problems and I’m short tempered with my children. Stepping out of my comfort zone to help the needy is only a “I’ll do that when I have more time” thought. Chasing after the lost is what I know I should do, but I shy away from because I’m afraid of what you will think of me. So I am sorry I am not the Christian I should be, and I’m sorry I never tell you the great things that God does for me.

You see there are times where I still doubt God’s existence. How can someone have that much love and take away my loved ones? But you see God didn’t take them away. We are in a war. A war far much worse than any other war here on earth. Two sides, one Good and one Evil. I don’t know when God’s plan to come back is, but I can feel the sides fighting for our souls. And I know if I am more honest with you, you will start to believe. Even I need hope. Hope that God is real. Hope that heaven exists, and hope that there is some meaning to why we were created.

So I am sorry I never told you the about the times when God has saved me. The times where I doubted God ever existed, and then God proved me wrong. I wanted you to think I could do this all on my own. I didn’t think I would be good enough to change your mind. I was waiting for someone else to make you believe. But you need these stories just as much as I do.  So here it goes:

Why I know God Is Real

  1. For the time God has given me strength to move and carry on when my son, father, and friend died.
  2. When he has made me kind to those who have hurt me
  3. For the miracles I prayed for that came true
  4. When all my fear is taken away by just speaking the Holy Scripture
  5. For the time God saved my marriage by providing us with the right resources we needed to fix our problems
  6. When we were unemployed and only bought food for two weeks; those two weeks turned into five weeks!
  7. When looking into the bank account after diving into the freelancing business (God told us to follow) and finding an extra month of savings we didn’t know existed.
  8. For all the times I denied the Holy Spirit and soon after feeling the tingling inside my body.

So what is your miracle? We are in a time where we need to share these blessings to others. So we don’t lose faith, and so we can make others believe. Please take the time to comment and share with others your moments where you realized God exists.