To The Mom Who Is Stuck In Comparison
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To The Mom Who Is Stuck In Comparison


We all search for rewarding recipes, dirty secrets on cleaning our house, and cool life hacks. It’s easy to find what we are looking for, and it’s the next best thing to Google. I’ve used many of my pins, and I can’t express enough how much I love using this site. But have you ever beat yourself up because your life doesn’t match what you see on Social media?

From the Moms who have a fashionable house and great landscaping

To the Moms holding all the wisdom to discipline their child correctly

The ones who have mouth watering recipes.

To the Wives who know how to maintain a wonderful marriage

From the Moms who create the best bible devotions,

And the ones who throw rockstar birthday parties.

Everything we want to be is right in front of our fingertips. Just take a scroll and see.

I always thought I was creative and talented until I was introduced to Pinterest, and now I feel even worse when I don’t do the things on Pinterest with my kids. My house isn’t fashionably  decorated, and I don’t know the secrets to get the spots out of my bathtub. I few months ago I had to step away from pinning. I was tired of seeing all I was not.

Using social media is not a bad thing. We can pin everyday and be perfectly fine. But when it starts creating guilt for the person who we really are, I feel we should take a step back. When we absorb our minds into all these things we want to do and want to be, we create an imaginary perfect mindset. That life would be better if these pictures we see were present in our life.

I hate to go all Christian talk here, but when we pin all these awesome ideas, Satan can prowl into our weakest moments. All would be better;

if I could make…

If I could eat like…

If I could cook like..

If I could buy…

If I could be like her..

If I could exercise more

If I could please my husband like..

If I could be the Mom that…

Naturally we hold an emptiness and we try to fill it with everything we think will make us complete. But the truth is, Christ is the only one who can make us feel completely satisfied with ourselves.  He is the missing piece, not all the pins we pin. Satan likes to tell us differently, And he uses our own self-doubt as his disguise.

I want to encourage you to let go of the  perfect person we see. There’s no such thing as having it all together. There’s no such thing as the perfect Mom. I bet any Mommy blogger would tell you her life is pretty crazy. I know because blogging takes a lot of time away from EVERYTHING. But I do it because I love to give hope to other people, and that’s all other bloggers are trying to do. It’s really tempting to write blog titles we know will catch your weaknesses. We want to draw you in on how to fix things because most of us have experienced the same struggles. No one is intentionally trying to make us feel bad, other than our enemy. Just remember; you don’t have to do everyone else's highlight real in order to be a great Mom.

Being the Mom you want to be is enough.

Doing the things you love with your kids is enough

Doing what you love in your life is enough.

Enjoy the things you have for today.

Make life simple and laugh along the way.

Perfection is an illusion, and those who seek it will find themselves unfulfilled their whole lives@Fiona Childs
We can search for all the things we want to be, and pin all GOOD things we see, but that will never replace who God created us to be — Passion Brewing Momma
Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.— Annette Funicello