about me

HI! Thank you for stopping by and checking out the Passion Brewing Momma blog.  Today, I want to share with you what Passion Brewing Momma is all about. I am a stay-at-home, mom of four.

However, I don’t always feel blessed being a mom.

After losing my three-month-old son, I became familiar with how precious children are. Bu,t after I had My daughter, Gracelyn (4), and my son Jonah (3); My feeling of anger and irritation would creep in only a few moments of my toddlers crying. Sending me into a deeper question of, “What am I here for?”, and then following the question of “Why can’t I just feel blessed for my job as a Mom.” I felt useless and powerless following the same continuous Mommy tasks of changing diapers, laundry patrol, and my continuous war with the dishes. I wanted a job that mattered to the world. My emotions were going crazy!

One day I surrendered my heart to God asking for something to make me feel alive again. When I felt my passion for writing flow through my body, I felt like I just drank my first cup of coffee,

Therefore, taking a sip of my own blend of passion. I knew I had to share the importance of finding your passion as a mom, as anyone. I went from surviving to living.

Now I can appreciate and love my children on a whole new level.

My goal is to provide you with resources to help live your day through Christian struggles, parenting, marriage, and other random tips I find passionate to write about.

I want to reveal the REAL raw truth of everyday living.

My vision is to inspire you to be the person with hope, dreams, and continued happiness.

Everyone Loves The Happy You! Thank you for taking the time out of your day to be here, and have a great week.

About Our Family

Passion Brewing Momma/ Whitney:

If you were to see a quiet girl hiding in the corner, that’s me. I love people, but am a natural introvert. I grew up in the country horseback riding and soaking up nature. Shortly after finding my love of my life; I became a mom. I found God’s presence touch my life after my three-month-old son went to rest with Jesus. My life is kind of backward and I don’t really fit in, but I find the beauty in simple things. Writing is my passion. I am the host of The Passion Brewing Momma Podcast and I love telling other mommas to bravely take time for themselves. Now it’s coffee time. Silly Fun– I don’t like shoes, I don’t eat meat, and I think cantaloupe smells like dirty socks.

My Hubby/ Nick:

Can you pray for your soul mate? I did! Before I met my husband I was in a bad spot. I prayed for God to lead me to a man who would share the love of God. We had a rocky sinful start, but he leads our family with love, courage, and passion. When you have a technical problem he can fix it. He’s the host of Our Christian Life Podcast, writer, inventor, and freelancer. Silly Fun– Can’t eat a Popsicle with his teeth, met Jon Acuff, loves to cook.

Lukas/Baby Brother:

Lukas is our youngest. He loves to keep mommy and daddy awake at night. God told my mommy and daddy to have me, check out the story here. I love kisses and snuggles. I hope to keep my blue eyes so Daddy won’t be the only blue-eyed boy in our family. Silly Fun-I missed my great grandma’s birthday by 25 hours! But, my mommy was in labor for 13 hours. Our family’s favorite number.

Jonah/ Monster Toddler:

Jonah/ Monster Toddler- I’mma  three-year-old instigator who loves to go outside. I like to color walls, plays with cords, and eats bugs when my Mom is not looking. My sissy is my best friend as long as she gives me what I want. I sneak in a cute attack when I know I am in trouble. My mommy loves my snuggles and my daddy loves my laugh. Silly Fun- I gave my Mom a surprise present, ME!, I can mow the yard with my daddy’s help, and I like to paint with ketchup.

Gracelyn/ Sissy:

Four-year-old book lover with My Little Pony on the side. I get away with extra TV time by snuggling with my Mommy and Daddy. I don’t always like to pray, but I am thankful for my friends and family. I love my brother when he doesn’t pull my hair, or take things from me. I’m a big girl because I’m learning to read, and I pick what I wear. Silly Fun- I dance without music, I giggle when the chocolate syrup bottle toots, my outfit changes every hour.

Noah/ Big Brother:

I was the first to make my Mom, a Mom. I sunbathed with my shades and lights until I stopped being yellow. My tummy had extra room in it because I would never get full. I smiled and perfected the baby talk until I had everyone’s eyes on me. I left my Mom and Dad to go help Jesus. They will be okay. Silly Fun– I slept through the fireworks, my night owl tummy woke my parents up, I rocked my first photo shoot.