How to Persevere When Goals Fail
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How to Persevere When Goals Fail


Have you ever walked in mud?

I remember walking in big corn fields when I was a little girl. I loved exploring. Persevering through our goals reminds me so much of walking in a big mud field.

When you start out it’s easy and almost intriguing.

You are eager to sink your feet in . You shout, I can do this.

The more you walk the deeper your feet submerge.

Dirt clumps around your shoes the longer your feet travel.

It weighing you down.

Your feet get heavy.

Real heavy!

It’s almost as walking through quicksand.

The journey you started with gets harder, but you still have a strong voice inside your head cheering you on, I can get through this.

But then you hit a point where your body weakens and your muscles tense up.

You get so deep your feet slip out and land in the gooey slimy mud. It’s that moment when you either decide to go back to where you started, or you choose to keep moving through all the dirt and grime.

Persevering through our goals is like walking through a big mud field. I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to face walking in a goopy mud mess to reach the finish line. It seems easier to turn around and get to place less challenging.
We all have given up. Let’s face it, persevering through our goals is hard.

For some of us it’s our calling we deny, or the five year destination slipping away at our fingertips.

If I want to be honest with you, I must admit the one thing always holding me back.

Comfort, resting and lounging in it for days.

I love kicking my feet back for a good episode of Once Upon a Time.

Or sipping a nice hot cup of coffee and digging into a romance novel.

I could sit outside and sunbathe for hours.

Okay Moms, I know we only get these moments for a few minutes, but they still exist.

My point is we don’t like to do things that do not hit a pleasure response in our brain. We are in the moment kind of people. We want good things to happen NOW. We love rest and doing what feels good. We don’t like to stretch our financial comfort, or things that take hard work.

We want results to happen quickly, so we can get back to being comfortable.

But, the finish line can never end with comfort. I’ve rested in my own comfort.

I do what feels good to me, in flow with my roller coaster emotions.

When I’m sad, or easily defeated I give up.

When the kids have spilled their cup for the third time my mood shifts.

I base a lot of my motivation for completing my goals on my reactions to what’s going on around me.

But God wants us to be uncomfortable. He wants us to stick with the uncomfortable so we can grow into the person who we want to be.

When we rest in the thought of being comfortable while completing our goals-our goals get stuck on cruise control. Yes, persevering is tough!

It means breaking out of our comfort zone, and doing the unthinkable.

Remembering His plan-

For the past couple of years, the homeless have been on my heart. I see cardboard posters with people standing at intersections quite often. I’m like the majority of the people turning their head away, hoping I will become invisible. Thinking-I bet they are scamming people, or they have too bad of a drug addiction to handle to money responsibly.

I’m quick to judge because it becomes easier than actually giving something up. This hurts doesn’t it! I fear I’m not the only one with these reactions.

The other day I made a small change. I decided to make eye contact with the man standing in the blazing sun. He had a sign saying-ANYTHING HELPS. I didn’t have any cash, but I did have an extra burrito from lunch. I handed him the food, and he eagerly said, God bless you.

I didn’t go out of my way to help him. I could have done a lot more.

But I chose to get out of my norm of comfort, and my heart changed because of it.

When we get uncomfortable it’s a sign we are persevering into the place God wants us to be.

Do you think Jesus was comfortable preaching He was the savior in front of hundreds of Jews?

When we feel like setting our callings, destinations, and goals to the side we are denying what God has in store for us.

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You’re Not Alone-

Have you ever felt alone while persevering through your calling? Maybe you don’t have a calling, but an idea brewing in your mind. It’s so easy to stop moving forward with what we are accomplishing when we receive no pat on the back. I hate to admit it, but it’s the honest truth. There’s one who is watching, and I wanted to remind you of who always notices!

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Fear of Failure-

What if I fail? What if I don’t make it? What it I fail again? Being a mom and having goals can be challenging. There’s always something coming up.


Potty training.


Boo Boos.

Lack of sleep.

I might not get to where I want to be as fast as some people, but if I don’t try what good am I doing myself? I’ve been stuck on cruise control with God’s plan for me. Persevering through fear is like going down a dark unfamiliar basement-you never know what will be in front of you.

Yes, we all have failed at reaching our destination at some point. We also have the choice to keep trying, or to give up completely. Would you rather have a small chance to reach where you want to be, or give up all together? Wendy Pope has an amazing book on failing called Hidden Potential. It's a must read!

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Fail-Proof Goals-

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could REALLY believe in ourselves? At some point we all have failed, but what if I told you there’s something inside of us that is fail-proof?

1 Corinthians 3:16

Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?

God lives within us. He can give us the strength, wisdom, and courage to complete our goals. He can guide us when we are lost, and he can straighten our reactions into great ACTIONS.

All we have to do is give up the idea of having to do it all on our own. Let’s not rest in our comfortable positions of the world, but rest in the comfort of God’s plan for us.