We all have seen the great wonders of Pinterest, from mouth-watering recipes, brilliant cleaning tips, to creative activities for our kids. But how many of us confess our guilt from not being the Mom we see on Pinterest? This week’s message encourages Moms to let go of the perfection they see, and be okay with the Mom they are.

What are those moments you feel incomplete as a Mom? Don’t make excuses for not taking time for yourself. It’s important to remember that our kids take a lot from us and we need to recharge.

Do you let worry and stress consume the majority of your day? Are you constantly trying to live up to the Mom you WANT to be? I hope this video can encourage and motivate your desires to be a successful Mom in your own eyes.

Are you tired of looking for the perfect cleaning schedule? Need to start your week off right? Let’s forget the “Pinterest” clean house, and spend time with those right in front of us.