Mom-Life: When Your Kid is the  One Screaming at the Store

Mom-Life: When Your Kid is the One Screaming at the Store


What happens when your kid is the one screaming at the store? As moms, we all want to survive grocery trips without gawking eyes and unexplainable tantrums that arrive between the aisles.

It’s great when we get strangers adoring our children when they do behave.

But, when our parenting skills seem shaken loose by high pitch screams and children running away from us, we all know the temptation to run back home.

When your kid is the one at the store making everyone else shake their head in disapproval. it seems every parenting skill we ever gained flies out the window.

We automatically label ourselves as that mom.

That mom who can’t control her kids.

And, that mom who everyone labels as the worst mom ever.

Here are 10 things I wish I would have told myself when I became a mom.

Embracing the Child Gone Wild

Yes, I am the mom with the children who sit quietly in the shopping cart while I check the items off my list.

I’m also the mom with screaming children.

I confess.

I thought my days of shopping trips with embarrassing meltdowns two aisles in were over. Surely, the days with filling my kids with snacks to keep them distracted passed only a few short months ago.

I thought I finally had my momma skills perfected.

But, who knew my child’s ability to challenge me would come lashing out in aisle 3?

Yes, mommas, this weekend as my husband and I strolled through Aldi my son decided to crawl on the icky dirty floor. I confess again, it truly was cute until he decided this was a way to test his limitations of discipline. As his little hands and knees took place of a child mop his giggles squished my hope to catch him.

Five months pregnant, unable to lift him under doctor’s orders, and I had no leverage. He knew it and he laughed about it as he hid under a self with the canned soup marked for 50 cents. I never thought I would be that mom whose child ran away from her at the store. But, there I stood.

It’s hard not to laugh when my son is so cute while he’s in trouble. As his belly rolled in giggles my straight face fought to keep it together.

My child had gone wild but embracing his boldness only made me more thankful for all those eyes staring me down.

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Bravely Embracing Parenting Challenges with the Strong-Willed Child

When your kid is the naughty one at the store it feels as if we are failing altogether. Everyone there is a witness of it, especially our own voice beneath.

I believe there are major benefits of having a strong-willed child.

We have someone to challenge our parenting skills. There’s always room for more adventure, even if we look like the foolish parent at the store. Someday, my son will stand out of the crowd with his willingness to challenge the ways of the world.

So, even when discipline becomes more challenging, us mommas shouldn’t hold ourselves accountable to being an unfit parent.We learn with them and that’s perfectly okay.

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Dear Momma Friend,

I know these days of pulling out our hair over challenging parenting battles are hard. Just when we think we’ve conquered one battle we face a new challenge that seems too big to overcome. I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. If you hear a screaming out of control toddler in the frozen section that may be me. Will you just smile at me as we face these battles together? For we both know we are awesome moms that are courageously being tested to be mind-blowing fearsome wonderful mommas! From one momma to the next, you’ve got this!

Your forever friend,


Me and my strong-willed blessing

Need some time to just breathe? I get it!

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