DIY Joy Christmas Ornament: Repurpose Unused Christmas Ornaments

DIY Joy Christmas Ornament: Repurpose Unused Christmas Ornaments


Have you ever wanted to make your own Christmas ornaments?

This year, I wanted to make a special ornament that tied to the emotion that God so graciously gives—Joy.

I love the Christmas red with white, so I looked around in our box of unused ornaments for a plain red ball. There sat a tangled mess of silver, blue, and pink balls and my wish for a red one ran empty.

In my attempts to save every penny this season, I decided to repurpose a silver ball into my joy Christmas ornament.

Before we go into making your own, I want to share with you why this joy Christmas ornament is so special.

This year it’s been hard to find joy when we can’t give like we normally do.

The presents that will sit on Christmas morning are presents not spent from our own earned money. We are grateful that there won’t be an empty tree, but not providing Christmas this year to our own family puts a sting in our hearts.

It’s hard to find joy when we don’t know how we are going to provide for our family financially.

The work at home journey my husband took last June is turning into the hardest journey yet.

Find out more about our journey here.

After years of building up our credit, late payments are finally making an impact on our credit report. The funny thing about working for yourself is that you don’t get a steady paycheck every Friday.

We don’t know if we will have enough money to pay our bills to keep everything running or to put food on the table.

We have to trust God in the midst of everything else falling through.

Our mortgage is months behind and the stability of having a home is uncertain.

Joy is hard to find when things don’t go as planned, but joy is the purest when we get to experience it in our deepest hour.

Through the uncertainty of the season, I’ve felt pure peace and joy in the moments I need them the most.

God graciously gives joy even in my anger and tears. His love wraps around and tells me to embrace the good in front of me.

My children who I hold and kiss each morning lifts joy into my life.

When lunchtime comes and we get to eat at a family, that’s when joy speaks thankful to my heart.

The snow that silently falls tells me God is near even when I don’t hear Him. This gives me joy that God will carry us through.

Joy thrives when we chose to be grateful for the life in front of us.

This year, it’s not about the money to buy the nicest gift or to put a Christmas feast on the table. This year, it’s about finding joy even when we feel there’s nothing to be grateful for.

The joy Christmas ornament will always remind me of this Christmas. The year that God gave us peace and calamity through our biggest storm yet.

My hope is that it will remind you to find joy through your storm too!

How to Make the Joy Christmas Ornament

First, before buying a plain red ornament. Look through your unused ornaments. We had several balls left over from a package we bought at Goodwill a few years ago.

What you will need:

  • A big round ornament
  • Red Acrylic Paint (dark red for Christmas red)
  • A paint brush
  • Vinyl (other options below)

The first thing you will do is paint your unused ornament with red. Take the top off so you don’t get paint on it.

Supplies for Joy Christmas Ornament

I liked the texture when I painted verticle strokes. You could also use red spray paint. When painting hold onto the top.

joy christmas ornament

I put the ornament on top on my paint bottle to let it dry. I created a small ring on the bottom, but nothing too noticeable. When you are finished with the sides you can touch up the bottom.

joy christmas ornament drying

After all is dry and you are satisfied with the color, let the ornament sit for 24 hours. Then choose how to put on your letters. There are different options you can try. If you have the Cricut cutting machine or the Silhouette, you can cut vinyl. For the font, I used Tuesday Script. I purchased this font, but you can choose any handwritten font. Before creating your design in the design software, measure the ornament’s height.

For my joy Christmas ornament, I made the “J” 3 inches and the “oy” 2 inches. Then cut!

Cricut Cutting Machine

You can choose to seal the vinyl, but I didn’t with mine. Melissa at Silhouette School gives some products you could use to seal it, check it out! You can use contact paper to position the letters, but I was too impatient!

Joy Christmas Ornament with vinyl

I had bubbles at the end because I repositioned this a couple of times. Next time I probably would you contact paper to place. If you have contact paper or transfer paper, put this on top on the vinyl. Then tear the back paper of the vinyl off. Place the letters where you like them.

What to Use Instead of Vinyl

You can purchase stickers to use at any craft store. Here are some other options I found online to order.

Another option you could try would be to make your own stencil to paint the letters on the ornament. Kathleen Ashton from Charm Bracelet Diva walks you through the process of making your own stencil without a cutting machine. She’s created beautiful pieces without having to pay a few hundred dollars to cut on a machine, so check out her stuff here.

I hope you wrap up your Christmas season with the joy ornament to remind you of the simple things to find joy in. Merry Christmas friends!

Joy Christmas Ornament

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