You Are A Wonderful Mom
Spiritual Growth

You Are A Wonderful Mom


As soon as I embraced her in my arms my passion for her was born. My eyes glued to hers taking in every crease on her face. Forever, my eyes will be heavy on her movements, examining her beauty and wisdom. For…

I know every scratch and scar.

I memorize what she loves and hates.

When her day takes a wrong turn,

I’m there to comfort and guide her.

I would give up anything to give her what she needs,

and I will die for her.

Everything she is or will be, I will be there.

I would give her my last breathe because she is everything to me

She’s a love that will endure forever

From the moment our children are created, to the tiny kick turning into awkward rib punches, our passion for them grows stronger. We know the time they arrive, and how much they weigh in. We study, worry, and record everything because we have a crazy passion defined as the title Being a Mom. The question is, Is your passion for your child enough? I hate to be the Mom to testify being a Mom was not enough for me. As a stay-at-home Mom, I feel incapable of helping in the world the way I envision. I feel the limits of the walls in my home. Of course I help change the next generation of the world in my family, but I want to make a bigger impact. I want to feed the hungry, change the hearts of unbelievers, and be in contact with strangers. As a stay-at-home mom, I envy the social aspect of a working mother. For a long time, I felt trapped being a Mom.

I know other Moms experience the same feelings, and I truly believe in having passions of our own, along with the passions and love we carry for our children. My heart sets a strong desire to help other moms find their own passions, to reach a level of happiness they never knew existed. Because I was once lost, and now I am found. But my desires do not determine who you are as a mother, and what you need in your life. The joys of motherhood can be enough for you. But I can’t answer that, only you can. I can only guide you to determine if having a passion for yourself is the right thing for you. My goal is not to change you, but to fill you with the missing piece.

Keeping up with what we should be, and what we should do is exhausting. We need to let go of keeping up with everyone else, and be who we want to be. If that’s the mom who stays at home, or works. If that’s the homeschooling mom, or the public school supporter. The mom who shops at Walmart, or the mom who buys from high end stores. If that’s the mom who has an overabundance of passion for her children, or if that’s the Mother who holds several passions of her own. The right answer lies with you, no one else.

Digger Deeper

Take care not to listen to anyone who tells you what you can and can’t be in life.”― Meg Medina, The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind

-“If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it.”― Wanda Skyes

-”We can hold several passions in our heart, or just one for our child. Only you know how many passions your heart desires. No one should determine them for you.”― Passion Brewing Momma