Introducing The Passion Brewing Momma Podcast

Introducing The Passion Brewing Momma Podcast


Hey everyone! Welcome to my first episode of The Passion Brewing Momma Podcast.I’m so excited for you to be here.This is a whole new avenue for me, but God has really put on my heart to speak to moms personally.

A year ago I actually laughed at the thought of hosting my own podcast. I’m not a speaker—I’m a writer! But, earlier this summer God kept pushing me to start. I’m not a person who jumps into these ideas, so He knew I would need some more convincing.

In July, I attended an amazing Christian writer’s conference that God opened the door for me to attend. Months before I was preparing a book proposal in case I got off the waiting list to meet a publisher—and indeed I got off that list.

Pitching my idea to several woman, an agent, and a publisher made me see the importance of my ministry to moms. Yes, I can say ministry now! If I could come to a conference miles away, prepare a book proposal I had no idea how to make, and pitch my heart and soul of my passion, then surely I could record a podcast.

Why this podcast might be for you

First of all, the name Passion Brewing Momma speaks for itself. In this podcast you will hear me discuss my own passion and hear other mommas share theirs. My hope is to brew some ideas for your own so that you can find confidence, hope, and beauty in who you are as a mom, and as a woman.

Before I discovered my passion for writing I was in a big dark hole. I found myself sitting on my stinky bathroom floor hiding from life. I thought God’s purpose for me was only motherhood. Every since I was a little girl I dreamed of being a mom, but the repetitiveness of housework and parenting seemed far less purposeful than before. It’s tough being a mom. It’s exhausting. It’s demanding. And it takes so much out of us!

Discovering the woman beneath the stained t-shirt, unorganized house, and let’s just say hot mess was the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I hope to bring you encouragement and hope by sharing my story, telling the real raw truth of mommyhood, and the big secret of finding joy in the chaos. Want more inspiration? Check out my post about keeping perseverance as a mom (it’s tough!).

The Passion Brewing Momma Podcast is all about you mom!

In today’s show, I will share some of the expectations of the podcast and my personal story of losing my identity in the chaos of motherhood.

Here’s an outline of the sweet stuff in episode one:

  • Why your listening/what to expect
  • My vision for future podcasts
  • How this podcast started brewing

Thank you for stopping by, enjoy the show! May your day be filled with giggles, rotten sour milk cups, and a little bit of sunshine. For we never know what goodness the day can bring until we fully love who we are.

Once you listen, feel free to leave a comment/suggestion/question below. Are you a momma that has a passion for something and want to share with us? Email me at I’d love to connect and hear your story!

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