How To Be An Awesome Story-teller To Your Toddler

How To Be An Awesome Story-teller To Your Toddler


Have you ever stumbled upon coming up with a bedtime story for your little one? When I became a mom I thought my voice would magically become soothing, and my imagination would run wild with stories that intrigued my children. Wrong! The first time “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” came screeching through my vocal cords, my baby only continued to cry. After repeated tries with different lullabies my confidence as a mother began to sink. My inner voice continued to sing, “If I was a good mom I would be able to sing my baby to sleep.” So the words were replaced with a standard humming tune. I thought I would try telling stories, but nothing came to me. So I stopped singing and I stopped trying everything I always wanted to do with my little children, I didn’t match up to what I should be.

Isn’t it crazy how one little thing you don’t like about yourself comes creeping in to eat at you, continually? One night, I was looking for books to read for our bedtime reading session. After finding a few well over-read books, I decided to try to come up with my own story. I was tired of letting my fears defeat who I wanted to be as a mother. It wasn’t the best story, or one that made much sense, but coming up with one story helped me to want to be better. When I had trouble coming up with a story I would ask my little book worm what she wanted the story to be about. After finishing our story about the three cats and their colorful scarfs my daughter wanting to hear more! Some stories were harder than others, but we both kept our minds turning.

A few weeks into creating tales with my toddler she started coming up with stories that she would tell me. Now, some might frown on having their child make up things that are not real or accurate, but to me this was a great turning point for my daughter. There’s nothing like seeing your child’s face light up during play time. This was one of the few times I seen the smile of confidence on my daughter’s face. Don’t we all want to see this learning light bulb go off! I do!

So maybe your an awesome story-teller and you’re looking for new ideas, or you’re like me and have no clue where to start. The easiest way to start telling your kids a story is to get them involved. What better way to get to know you child! I found animal stories are good to start with. So you can ask your toddler these questions:

5 Questions To Get You Started

  1. What animal are we going to talk about tonight? – Try animals your toddler is trying to learn about for suggestions.
  2. Where are the animals? Is it cold, hot, rainy, sunny- You can see how much they know about weather and where animals live ( It was so hot out it snowed! The bear was sleeping in the ocean)
  3. How many friends will we have in our story tonight?– Helps with learning numbers and their order
  4. What colors do we want in the story?– You can explore with imagination (The sky is purple, the trees are yellow, and the water is green)
  5. Are our friends angry, sad, needing help with sharing?– Explore with emotions

You can do this with a baby too! Instead of asking them to your baby, ask them to yourself! The key to being an awesome story-telling is to believe in yourself. Don’t give up when the story seems to fall off to a dead end. Keep going, you will get better. No matter how bad you might think your story is, your little one will enjoy the one-on-one time with you. The possibilities are endless.