Guest Post-He Will Go With You

Guest Post-He Will Go With You


Writing Challenge Day 24

I am excited to announce our second guest post is here. Welcome, Catherine from God Morgen Jenter. She is a friend of mine from the Compel Community, and volunteered to write her own personal story to share with us.

Catherine Gabrielsen is married to Endre. She lives in Stavanger, Norway. There she works part-time as a voice-teacher. You can find her writing biblical- studies in Norwegian on her blog. She is passionate about getting into God’s word and she’s even written her own prayers. You can also find her here on Instagram. Go say hello and give her a big welcome!

He Will Go With You

By Catherine Gabrielsen:

Has God ever asked me to do something crazy? Yes. Yes He has.

As student at a bible school, I was engaged to my boyfriend, and looking forward to marrying him come summer. But where would we live? The question was left unanswered. My current city of residency had been okay for a while, but now being my fourth year there, I anticipated change. Sadly, I had no idea what that change might be.

Later in the semester, all the students at my school were going on trips to different parts of the country. I was assigned to a group going to the small southern town my fiancée came from. A charming little town to go on vacation, but I couldn’t see myself living there.

While there, I felt this little nudge or a thought if you will: “This could be a good place to live”. Hey, where did that come from? Talk about crazy!

Sometimes God talks in a whisper. Other times He gives us a thought that is as sudden as an alarm clock in the early morning hours. At the same time it can feel natural. Familiar even. This was one of those times.

Sigh. So many questions were dancing around in my head. Would it be a good idea to move here? What if we did move and didn’t like it?

I needed time. Time to let this thought settle in. Time to talk it over with my fiancé. Time to just be. And in time, God confirmed it for us, and eventually we went.

I wish I could tell you this was a fantastic journey we embarked on. Not so much. But it was where I needed to be in this season of life. God knew that.

Is God asking you to move, or do something for Him that is outside of your comfort zone? Do you feel the uncertainty? I understand. Give it to Him. Ask Him to clarify and confirm. I believe in time He will.

Remember this: If God wants you to move, He will go with you.

Longing to be closer to Him,