God's Love is Everlasting Even When I Can't Feel It
Spiritual Growth

God's Love is Everlasting Even When I Can't Feel It


This morning I woke up with an expectation unfulfilled. I thought it would be easy to grasp the link up challenge, make my thumbnail picture, and write a great post while managing the morning with my kids. If God called me to do this I want it to be my BEST.

My thumbnail has to stand out
My post must grab the readers who stumble on my blog
It has to be perfect, or else…

I fail myself and I fail God. When we get these assignments and callings from God we set perfect expectations. We set an expectation so high it’s almost impossible to level up to. And when we fail our character as a Christian fails too.

All I wanted was my picture to stand out, but I had no idea how to get the words to just POP. My husband was not doing the picture any justice either, or so I thought. As angry words flew out of my mouth I could see the tension rise in the air. I was angry because I was angry. My need for control over the situation only led to hurt. Then the bigger question hit me, does God want this to be the perfect I see?

I have always felt the need to fight for love. For the ones I love to love me back for the person who they see, not the person I should be. I am fighting the same battle with God. Searching for the best way I can please him with my obedience, and secretly I’m afraid He will love me less when the things He calls me to do are not perfect. But let’s go against the norm of our expectations.

God loves us no matter how much we fail, or screw up

God loves to watch us learn and grow

God loves to use us in ways that go against the norm

He loves to shine his light through us in times of our weaknesses

God’s love is so great and perfect He could never love us less

And this is against everything we ever know love to be

His love is not bought, or gained by deeds

It’s born from the breathe given to us when we are born

When God calls us to do something, it’s okay if it’s not done perfectly. Stop. Take a breathe, know you can never break the love God has for YOU. God’s not searching for perfection in us, He’s looking for our obedience and love for Him. As a parent loves watching her baby take their first steps, God loves watching us grow.