Episode #10: Dear Momma, Give Yourself a Dose of Grace Part 1
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Episode #10: Dear Momma, Give Yourself a Dose of Grace Part 1


Welcome to Episode #10, where you can finally give yourself grace!

As the light peaks into my window, our new puppy anxiously waits to see if I’m awake. My bladder can’t squeeze in a few moments of sleep like it used to. 37 weeks pregnant and I still try to push the limits of my bathroom trips.

A wheezing cough beside me reassures our new pup it’s time to start crying to be let out. My mind goes into mommy mode as I pass my son my water bottle. Then it happens.

My son throws up on my freshly laundered sheets. In with the bath and his sister sneaks in marking off the quick bath-time I planned for. Heads washed, bubbles evaporated, kids dressed and now the newly washed puppy bed is covered with poop.

Then it’s off with preschool worksheets, sheet cleaning, snuggles to feel better, puppy potty training (if I’m lucky), and cleaning in between bathroom breaks for myself. And as the day ends I still seem to get nothing done.

Do you ever wonder how to give yourself grace when you continually fail at everything? If we sat down and had a cup of coffee together, you’d see how similar our struggles are.

My life is busy. Some days, I fix cereal for dinner. The clacking of my dog licking the bowl off the table quickly follows.

My feet constantly step on metal cars lined in rows. It’s easier to ignore when my mind enters a state of exhaustion instead of asking my son to pick them up, once again.

I’ve grown accustomed to the sight of chaos in my house, but some days the weight of life, and motherhood push all the buttons around me. Then I drive myself into an extreme amount of guilt in everything I do.

Those dishes are still sitting waiting to be done. If you were a good housewife those would be finished before your husband came home.

Did you just hear yourself with that tone? If you can’t control those reactions you are going to fail as a parent.

I know you’ve seen this form sitting here a dozen of times this week. Why can’t you get it together? Now it’s going to be late.

The nagging inner voice leaves me feeling discouraged. Do you hear it, too?

Dear Momma, Give Yourself Grace

My passion is writing. Writing brings me comfort and peace. But even in my writing, I lack the time to complete my vision for what I want to accomplish.

I have a true devotion to my message, encouragement, and followers. But, lately, no matter how much time I spend trying to deliver my message, there’s not enough time to share all I have to say.

Thankfully, a true friend saved me by grace. She reminded me that sometimes in the moments of chaos we have to give ourselves a dose of grace. Her encouragement led me back to my safe place. It allowed me to accept my imperfections and that just maybe I was piling on way too much for myself.

What is Grace Anyway?

Grace is one of my favorite words because it sounds peaceful. Even without a grasp of the meaning, we experience comfort when we say it. But what does grace mean?

Grace is unconditional love. Or, as John Stott says;

“Grace is love that cares and stoops and rescues.”

Grace is forgiveness even when we don’t deserve it. Grace is acceptance for who we are. In those moments we doubt ourselves and our worth, God gives us grace—love, forgiveness, and an eternal place in His heart.

So give yourself grace as a mom too!

You have my permission, give yourself grace in the moments you feel irritable and angry.

When your child gets hurt and you don’t have a clue how, give yourself grace.

When your child just won’t listen, give yourself grace, because grace is accepting the imperfections in yourself and in others.

When the house is still a mess as the sun goes down, give yourself a dose of grace.

Why is Giving Yourself Grace Important as a Mom?

It’s easy to get wrapped up into who we are not, rather than who we are. As mothers, it’s easy to measure our value by what we accomplish, or by how we handle the hair-pulling, head-spinning moments.

But, when we give ourselves a dose of grace we can learn to fully love who we are. We accept to love and forgive ourselves unconditionally.

Sometimes we just need to let go of that to-do list! For some of us we need to trash those harsh criticisms we throw at ourselves.

By giving ourselves grace, we learn to love the mom we are, not the mom we envy.

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How Can Grace Be Contagious?

When we give ourselves grace for the things we cannot change, we teach our children to let go of perfection. Perfection in themselves and in the world around them. When we learn to fully love the person beneath we show our kids to do the same. So can you give yourself grace when you need it?
Dear mommas, I challenge you to allow yourself a dose of grace today. To unconditionally love and accept who you are and give yourself forgiveness in the areas you feel weak. When we can’t fathom the idea of giving grace to ourselves, remember—God already is.

Stay tuned in for Part 2 of Why Giving Grace in our Friendships and Marriage is important!

Here’s an Outline of the Sweet Stuff in Episode Ten:

  • What grace means
  • Why giving yourself grace as a mom is important
  • How grace can be contagious
  • The grace challenge

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