Fixer Upper
Spiritual Growth

Fixer Upper


Writing Challenge Day 29

Have you ever dreamed of being on the HGTV show Fixer Upper? I have, and I was even more blown away when the big news about their faith came out. Joanna has a personality every woman can connect with. She has grace over her words and an unbelievable connection with her husband Chip. You can feel the love between their family and you can see their compassion for making others dreams come true. It should be no surprise that they follow a life devoted to God.

Listening to her story about being a business owner and opening up Magnolia made me connect with her instantly. Her story inspired me because we are in the moment of closing up our shop as home entrepreneurs as well. It’s encouraging hearing success stories when you’re not quite sure where God’s plan for your life falls.

But it’s even easier to believe God’s not on your side when you see everything caving in. It’s hard to untangle our enemies proposal verses God’s plan for us. Joanna nails the importance of trusting God, but isn’t it harder when we don’t hear His voice of guidance?

Today’s Message

It feels like weeks since we heard God’s direction for which way we are supposed to turn. We are patiently waiting for an answer, and we are continually being tested in our faith. Maybe you are in a similar situation; eager to hear what He has in store for you and waiting for Him to answer your prayers.

I absolutely loved Joanna’s testimony, but it’s hard to watch God pulling through His promise with someone else. And I know I’m not the only one being a little discouraged here.

The bottom line is we don’t know God’s motives, but we have to believe He holds the best interest over our life. We might not get the dream of being a TV host, but I do know He has something special for you too. Like Joanna said “we must not believe the lies we are told.” Listen with your heart and His plan for you.

Today, let’s focus our eyes on the hope in her story and dismiss all the lies you are being told. Let Him be your fixer upper and make your fortress as breathtaking as Joanna’s designs. God take us against the norm and let each one of us feel your love and see the blessings you hold in our lives-even in the midst of the storm.