The Challenge
Spiritual Growth

The Challenge


Writing Challenge Day 26

Have you ever had a good day turn into everything going wrong? Today, we woke up to an accidental purchase that wiped out our bank funds. Yet again something we are getting used to. There’s no cushion room any more and it’s getting a little harder to breathe.

It was one of those days where Satan was trying to bring us down. He was bringing us to the point of shaming God for bringing us into this mess. My doubts started slipping out; if we didn’t follow God our life would be much better.

I figured out my faith in the financial aspect is quite shaky.

Knowing my unsteady faith I kept trying to remind myself —God is good. When I was at my final tipping point, the animal crackers spilling all over the church parking. I could feel everything tugging at my heart trying to convince me God was not on my side. This only made me realize the test being given to me — God is good no matter what happens in this journey.

It’s so hard to deal with life when we feel God’s absence. When we can feel Him standing by us, we feel more safe. Like a baby grasping her mother’s finger when she’s scared. Just like this writing challenge, trusting God through the bad is difficult.

We face the dirty grime of things we don’t want to do. We go through things we shouldn’t have to. We feel the world turning against us. But even when we don’t feel the good God created in our lives, He is still there.

Today’s Message

Are you going through a challenging time in your life? If we were never challenged how would we see the good in God? How would we ever bloom into the person who God made us to be? As I listened to the worship service practice I could hear God whispering, keep going. When watching my daughter dance I remembered dancing back in High School. I wasn’t very good at dancing, but there was something magical about it. I kept trying even though I knew I wasn’t talented at it.

Over the four years of being in dance I got better. I wasn’t perfect, but I improved. Dancing was no longer a challenge, it became fun. So remember the next time you’re in a difficult time. It won’t always be this tough. Things will get better, and God will be there cheering you on.