The Day Everything Changed-Living verses Surviving
Spiritual Growth

The Day Everything Changed-Living verses Surviving


Writing Challenge Day 11

When the paycheck came in an urge of excitement went through my voice. I don’t remember the last time we had that much extra money in my life. Our life was going pretty well. My husband received a work car which reduced our gas expense, and we had great insurance. The benefits were an added bonus, along with pizza and a movie every Friday night. But there was something off, and only time told the missing piece of the puzzle.

Our family was starving for quality time together. As I fixed dinner my eyes would be glued to the clock waiting on my husband to return home. I felt empty and alone. My kids would ask me where their Daddy was, and all I could do is long for his presence. The weekends ended in the blink of our eyes making the weeks long and frustrating. Was this how life was going to be for the rest of our lives?

When I heard the phone ring I expected a more comfortable topic then discussed. I knew my husband was miserable at his job, but I had no idea what was coming next. When you have a family these words terrify you more than anything. I could feel the uncertainty in his voice when he said, I put my two weeks in today.My heart sank with the reality of the situation.

Could we really do this?

Is this really what God is calling us to do?

What do we do if we run out of money?

I stopped questioning the possibilities and I begged God to give me reassurance. I begged him to give me the trust I needed to follow my husband and guide him appropriately. My shaking body became smooth and collected, and this was the first real moment I knew God would carry us through.

Today’s Message

When I was younger I imagined my life much easier. I had a picture perfect plan and I had confidence my life would match it. When we step our feet into the real world we begin to see life’s curve-balls. We can either live life to survive, or live life to live. The choice is ours to make. We can give it our all, or live our life trying to fill our happiness with other things. I’m here to tell you I’m finally satisfied with my life. I’ve chosen the path God has for me and I’ve decided to live. It’s the fresh air we all search for, but it doesn’t come with ease. Living brings the adventure we all hope for. If God asked you to do something beyond crazy would you do it? Will you live life today, or are you waiting for tomorrow?