Begin Your Search: Where to Find New and Used Homeschool Curriculums
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Begin Your Search: Where to Find New and Used Homeschool Curriculums

Whitney Henry
Whitney Henry

Over the last few years of homeschooling, I've spent several hours running the numbers to find the best deal for our homeschool curriculum. So I've looked in a lot of different places to find a curriculum to meet our needs.

A homeschool curriculum can be found and purchased at thrift stores, Good Will, eBay, Facebook Market Place, Facebook homeschool groups, Amazon, Rainbow Resources, Second Harvest Curriculum, or other online websites that offer their own individual curriculum.

Before buying a curriculum it's best to decide on which curriculum you are going to use to determine the best deal and where to go to purchase it.

Not sure where to start when buying a homeschool curriculum?

Here's a guide to understanding the 10 different types of Homeschool curriculums.

Places To Buy A New Homeschool Curriculum

When buying a new homeschool curriculum you can go directly to the website to find what you need. Here are places to go according to each homeschool curriculum type.

Explore the benefits of each type of homeschool curriculum and how they would best suit your family.

Buying new curriculum sets saves a lot of time and stress from finding all the material used.

If we had the resources to do this, I would probably buy new every year.

It's up to each family's preferences to see which option best suits you.

Places to Buy Each Homeschool Curriculum Type:

Each year before buying our homeschool curriculum I try to decide on which model of homeschool we will follow.

This help to narrow my search when buying material and books for the school year.

Traditional Homeschool Curriculums-A traditional curriculum uses a mix of textbooks, workbooks, and the computer.

This follows closely to what public school follows.

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Curriculums- This is a mix and match curriculum approach. It focuses on narrations, dictation, copy-work, living books while engaging the students in nature.

Unit Study Homeschool Curriculum-A Unit Study homeschool curriculum weaves a theme or specific time era for a period of time in all subjects.

Classical Homeschool Curriculum-Classical education is language-focused and follows the three-part pattern; learning is accomplished through words, written and spoken, rather than through images (pictures, videos, and television).

Other Places to Buy A New Homeschool Curriculum

Top 5 Benefits of Buying a New Homeschool Curriculum

  1. Everything you need is there.
  2. It saves time because you don't have to find additional resources to supplement missing material.
  3. Nothing is written on.
  4. Time, time, and time. Buying a new homeschool curriculum saves time from having to plan your own curriculum.
  5. You can resell it at the end of the year and get a good chunk of what you paid for it back. Fingers crossed that it doesn't get too damaged throughout your school year. You can still sell it regardless.

Best Places to Find A Used Homeschool Curriculum

Finding a used homeschool curriculum is very exciting. It's like finding a gem that someone else has used and now you can redeem the benefits from it as well.

  1. Good Will and thrift stores will be your cheapest place to find used curriculums, but if you are looking for a specific curriculum shopping online will be the best place to buy a used homeschool curriculum.
  2. You can also check your local used book stores to see if they are selling used curriculums.
  3. eBay-This is a good place to shop if you are looking for a specific curriculum or looking around for a few different kinds. You can find new curriculums that teachers or other homeschoolers are selling. Another plus to buying on eBay is that you can go through PayPal and your purchase will be protected.
  4. Thriftbooks-This place will be best if you have a certain curriculum you are looking for. Since this is an online used book store they might not have a lot of options available. You still can find good deals.
  5. Amazon-You can find used curriculums here as well as additional books you may need for your school year.
  6. Facebook Used Homeschool Curriculum Groups- These are only a handful out of the hundreds of groups on Facebook. Do a search for the area you live in and you will likely find groups in your area to purchase from.
  7. The Curriculum Closet
  8. Homeschool Curriculum Resale
  9. Homeschool Curriculum Sale or Trade
  10. Homeschooler Market- Buy, Sell & Trade
  11. Homeschool Curriculum Sell/Exchange
  12. Free and Cheap Homeschool Resources
  13. Abeka Used Curriculum Sales Group
  14. My Father's World Curriculum Exchange
  15. My Father's World Curriculum Swap
  16. Saxon Curriculum (Buy/Sell/Trade)
  17. Simply Charlotte Mason Curriculum Marketplace
  18. Secular Unit Studies & Homeschool Baskets
  19. Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum USED books Sell/Swap/Share

Tips to Use When Buying a Used Homeschool Curriculum

  1. Ask for pictures if the listing does not give you a visual of what you are getting. Some used homeschool curriculums are written in or have something spilled on them (usually coffee). To a veteran homeschool teacher, this might not bother you as much, but I seem to enjoy Curriculums that are blank with little to no writing in them.
  2. Get a feel for the seller. Ask the seller about things they loved most about the curriculum or other curriculum-specific questions. You can get a feel for how much they treasured and took care of the curriculum.
  3. Buy from a safe place. Last year I saw a couple of people buy from Facebook Marketplace and not receive their curriculum. I would assume these people got scammed. Again, research your seller if you are buying from Facebook. I've had two successful purchases from Facebook groups, so you can find good buys on there.
  4. Don't Be Afraid to Ask Questions Before Buying. It's okay to explore the deals, just let the person know if you aren't interested in their listing (well that's the polite thing to do).
  5. Explore Different Platforms- The best way to find the best deal on a used homeschool curriculum is to look at the prices on eBay, Facebook used curriculum groups, Rainbow Resources, or Amazon.

Free Homeschool Curriculum Options

If your interesting in homeschooling your family and don't have a lot to spend on resources, you can still homeschool.

There are a lot of free resources you can use to teach your kids. The library is one of our favorite places to go to learn.

Other local places might offer free classes to homeschoolers too. Our local University offers music and gym class.

This year we didn't have money to purchase our math curriculum and we went with Easy Peasy.

Our kids love it and we might lean a little more on these resources in the years to come.

Is It Cheaper to Buy a Used Homeschool Curriculum Set?

Sometimes it is cheaper to buy a used homeschool curriculum set.

Over the last few years of buying a used curriculum along with additional resources, I've saved a few hundred dollars.

Shop sales.

Towards the end and middle of the school year, publishers will run sales. So you can buy a new curriculum set for almost the same price as finding a used set.

Buy used and new books for the school year.

We don't have unlimited financial resources, so I've spent several hours calculating the best price for books and Curriculums for our school year.

I've found all of our My Father's World curriculums used on eBay and on Facebook Groups.

Some new prices of books will be cheaper than used.

For most of the books that went with our curriculum this year, I bought new from My Father's World and Rainbow Resources and it was cheaper that way!

I think with the rise of interest in homeschooling due to Covid-19 people shopped for used books more.

That is an assumption, but I've never saved money buying new books in our previous homeschooling years.

If you're in between two curriculum types buy used. It will be cheaper.

I've talked to a hand full of homeschooling parents that swap out their curriculum because it isn't working for their family.

That's perfectly normal, don't stick to something if it isn't working out. It's okay to switch it up.

Don't fret if you see a better deal after you just bought your books for the school year.

You can't always get the best deal, and more than likely you still saved loads of money shopping around.

You can buy books and materials you need for the semester instead of the whole school year.

If your budget is a little tight this year, buy what you need for the next few months.

It's okay to not get the bulk school glue pack, or buy additional markers and crayons.

All of it always adds up to be a big chunk of change.

Whatever place you chose to buy for your homeschool year, I wish it to be the best year yet. Thank you for reading.