5 Signs That Say "You Need YOU Time"
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5 Signs That Say "You Need YOU Time"


No one told me how hard being a mom is. I was warned of the sleepless nights and how fast they would grow up, but no one said anything about being unhappy. Was something wrong with me? I could see their smiles and moments when I was supposed to be amused, but I felt like I was drowning. Their footsteps running to me felt like the annoying sound of an alarm clock, being bathed in cries and need. When did I get here?

I’m not proud to say I am an unhappy Mom. This subject is rarely even talked about, unaccepted. Society likes to label this as depression. But I like to label this as normal. I am not a medical doctor, or psychologist, so I am in no authority to say what defines normal vs. depression. I do know being a mom involves a lot of sacrifice. When our kids need us, we’re there. When they get hurt or sick, we’re there. I’m happy to be needed, but a lot of times ‘my tank’ is on empty.

By the time I get to ‘me time’ my energy is depleted. I can’t enjoy the things I used to because I have a new job, being a mom. Of course I am going to get sad that I can’t spend the whole day diving into a romance novel, or going out without worrying how to get from point A to point B with a toddler. It’s okay to be unhappy sometimes, but there should be a warning flag if it’s all the time. That’s a pop up for ‘You need time for YOU!’

5 signs that say ‘You need YOU time!’

  1. When you get easily frustrated or irritated
  2. When your kids start to overwhelm you
  3. When all you feel like doing is crying
  4. If you feel sad, but don’t know why
  5. If you feel you need to escape

If you have any of these signs, schedule some time to yourself. It doesn’t have to be a whole day. 30 minutes or an hour will do wonders to your mom mood.

Be the better mom version by taking time for YOU.