5 Amazing Benefits of Goal Setting for Moms

5 Amazing Benefits of Goal Setting for Moms


Goal setting can sound a bit of a burden when shuffling kids to sports practice, playing Jenga with dirty diapers, and keeping the crew from pulling their hair out (for a few minutes anyway). Tired of hearing about goal setting?

So before you get discouraged, goal setting can actually help us keep it together with the 100+ other things we have to do. Last year, I created a bucket list goal picture frame that helped me focus on things I wanted to accomplish throughout the year.

Now I’m not talking about finishing the dishes for at least five nights in a row or keeping up on the laundry for a whole month. I’m recommending focusing on the things we want outside of our mom duties. Yes, it’s possible I promise!

5 Amazing Benefits of Goal Setting

How many bucket list goals did I accomplish last year? Well, the truth is probably less than 50%. But, do you know what this bucket list photo frame did do for me?

1. Helps You Stay Positive:

When we have a destination for our lives it’s hard to escape the feeling of purpose melting into our everyday life. Without a written plan of where we want to be or who we want to be, we have nothing to work towards.

Goals that are incomplete are not signs of failure, goals are markers to keep us moving in a positive direction.

2. Keeps the Mommy-Burn-Out Tamed:

Dirty dishes, mountains of laundry, and waking up feeling like we haven’t accomplished anything worth mentioning. Yes, I know the feeling of mommy-burn-out. It comes quickly and over welcomes its stay.

But, when we have goals mommy burn-out comes less often. Why is that? We have something to work towards that makes ourselves feel worthy and purposeful.

3. We Wake Up with a Better Attitude:

As a stay-at-home mom, my life can get pretty boring. I love my kids, but I’m the type of person who craves to feel needed in other areas also. So, when I have goals I know that I am working on something that makes my heart sing.

When we are doing the things God created us to do, we feel more motivated and positive about where we are in our life. So as mommas, we all know what a difference our day can make when we wake up in a good mood!

4. Creates a Sense of Purpose Beyond Motherhood`

We all know the little squeal of joy inside when the last load of laundry is put in the dryer. Or, maybe it’s getting all the kids to bed without being drop dead tired. It could be the smile that greets us when our daughter shares for the first time, or when she makes a new best friend.

It’s the sense that yes, even in all the days we feel like total failures, we are actually accomplishing something worthy in our child’s life.

Mommy goals are great to have, but when you have goals for yourself, we create a deeper feeling of purpose beyond motherhood. It’s the touch of purpose God lays on our hearts that doesn’t come with all the required duties of being a mom. It’s God saying, I know you are a mom, but I have this in store for you too.

5. Helps You Stay Dedicated to “You Time” as a Mom

Staying dedicated to time for just me is rather difficult. Usually, it involves sacrificing sleep or asking others for help. Two things I would rather not do. But, when we have these bucket list goals staring right back at us, we are reminded of the benefit of taking the time to not lose the woman beneath motherhood.

The woman that still builds and transforms herself while carrying a diaper bag, two babies on her hip, with a messy bun. “You time”makes us more confident, focused, and loving.

Want to know more benefits of goal setting?

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So this year, even though I might not complete all of my bucket list goals, I know that I am working towards something I want to change in my life. For when we have something to work towards we sense the purpose we often crave.

Will You Take the Challenge of Goal Setting?

So dear momma friend, I hope you will take the time to create this for yourself, or at least a list to stick on your bathroom mirror (dirty or not). 😉

Don’t really know where to start with goal setting?

Check out Livia’s Clarity Planner over on the Urban:eve blog.

Her planner is free when you sign up for her email subscription. Her planner is beautiful with self-reflection spots, bonus pages with spaces for meal planning, cleaning list, and more!

Let me know in the comments if you tried this easy DIY craft! I’m excited to see what yours will look like. Many blessings to you my friend.

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