25 Things to Do For Yourself
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25 Things to Do For Yourself


We all have felt it, and most are embarrassed to admit it. Today, was one of those days. You can feel the hope for the day crush by the cry in their voice. As their crying came peeking through, my rage climaxed making my heart feel like a thermometer ready to burst. “Mommy milk!” they begged. “Do you want chocolate or strawberry?” I asked calmly. “Chocolate” they both proclaimed excitedly. As soon as they took a sip and screamed strawberry my heart crushed from the rage inside. It was going to be the day that nothing pleases them. Where they won’t be happy until they get what the other one has. Even then they will cry for something else. How can I break free from this?

I’m embarrassed to admit my kids have taken me to the edge multiple times. Maybe your kids are a little older and make you feel guilty for the choices you make. My voice snaps words I regret; making me feel incapable of being a good Mom. I understand they are learning, but if I could just hear silence for a few hours I could feel refreshed. I’ve tried escaping through Potty Mode, but it gets crowded when two little one’s follow you to see how you go “PEE-PEE.” I need some Mommy Time! Some time to just breathe, be me, and feel the relaxation flow into my body. I’m tired of sneaking on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest searching for a moment of relief. I need a day to read a book, take a walk, or even go get pampered.

How many of us dream of the break from our kids, but are too selfless to take the time away we need? As we prepare for my new September theme of “Letting Go,” I urge you to take some time away for self-exploration. When we give ourselves a break we become renewed as a parent. Imagine waking up to feeling kind words smoothly coming out of your mouth, enjoying the laughter of your child as if it were the first time. If you don’t have anyone to relieve you from your kids take the time to get up a little early, or stay up after your kids go to bed (Even if it’s 15-30 minutes). In this time do things that make you feel free. Read a book, listen to the silence, take a bath. Whatever makes you feel refreshed and revived.

25 Things to Do For Yourself

  1. Smell the morning dew
  2. Read a book
  3. Paint your nails
  4. Take a walk
  5. Having a long chat with a good friend or family member
  6. Drink your favorite beverage
  7. Listen to the birds sing
  8. Light a candle
  9. Take a bath
  10. Listen to music
  11. Read a good devotion
  12. Eat chocolate
  13. Look at the stars
  14. Take a trip near the water
  15. Get your hair done
  16. Paint
  17. Write
  18. Get Starbucks
  19. Make or Buy a Gift for Someone (Check out this Gift From Artsy Momma)
  20. Relax with your favorite music
  21. Journal some journal promts
  22. Pray
  23. Remember good memories
  24. Get a facial
  25. Go to your favorite place